CAFFEINATED Island Punch Pre-Workout Powder



Elevate your workout experience with our premium supplement, meticulously formulated to enhance cardiovascular health, muscle function, and mental clarity.

At the heart of our product is Vasodrive AP, a well-researched ingredient that optimizes blood flow and improves performance by expanding blood vessels for an impressive pump.

Complementing this is Alpha GPC, known for its ability to increase muscle force and mental alertness while promoting neurological health.

Acetyl L-Carnitine plays a pivotal role in boosting exercise performance by increasing muscle carnitine stores for enhanced energy production, coupled with improved blood flow to both brain and muscles.

The inclusion of Malic Acid supports muscle function and cardiovascular health, crucial for ATP production and sustained energy during workouts.

We've also incorporated a proper dose of 6 grams of L-Citrulline per scoop to ensure better blood flow and muscle pump, supporting the Nitric Oxide system for increased oxygen and energy delivery.

Methyl B-12, in its most bioavailable form, methylcobalamin, aids in red blood cell formation and oxygen transport, reducing muscular fatigue and promoting nerve health.

Essential minerals like Sodium (Sea Salt) enhance blood flow, nervous system health, hydration, and can prevent mid-exercise headaches. Potassium, another critical electrolyte, helps in preventing muscle cramping and managing lactic acid build-up, while Magnesium assists in moving blood sugar into muscles and disposing of lactate, thereby mitigating exercise-induced fatigue and supporting bone and brain health.


In this version we have 150mg of Caffeine per scoop. It is about the same as a strong cup of coffee. I would recommend this only for daytime use!