Seasoning Blend #1


The "#1" blend, with its simple and balanced composition, is perfectly suited to a broad range of everyday dishes. It excels when used to season a juicy steak or a grilled chicken breast, enhancing the natural flavors of the meat while adding a subtle hint of rosemary. Similarly, this blend brings a savory depth to seafood dishes, such as pan-seared salmon or grilled shrimp.


The perfect go to for steaks, ground beef, lamb, etc. 


We wanted a simple seasoning packaged in glass with no weird ingredients! 

Vegetables also benefit greatly from "#1". Think roasted root vegetables, like carrots and parsnips, or sautéed leafy greens, where the granulated garlic and salt heighten their earthy taste. And don't forget breakfast! This versatile blend can turn a simple scrambled egg or avocado toast into a gourmet treat. Enjoy!